Welcome to Mothers Who Write

The cover-to-cover community for writers who happen to be mothers.*

About Us

The Mothers Who Write community is a place of mutual support and connection for writers - both established and new - who happen to be mothers*.

We began as a series of retreats bringing writers together to restore, inspire and uplift each other. Our online space has the very same ambitions and is ready when you are: 365 days a year, fitting flexibly into the cracks in your schedule.

Within this community you'll meet other writers, get advice and support from people who understand; set up your own writing groups; have opportunities to hang out, socialise and have fun; share your work and get feedback swiftly and attend our ad hoc live events to learn from writers you admire.

Mothers Who Write members also have exclusive access to  our in-person retreats, online events and coaching services - at additional cost.

We know that financial barriers prevent, inhibit and damage many writing mothers* at almost all stages of our careers and we want to make it easy for writers to make money from your writing-related activities.

If you are a more established writer you can choose to join our community at 'mentor' level and advertise your one-to-one and group writing coaching, events, courses, retreats or masterclasses to our group.

We want our writers to thrive creatively, emotionally and financially and know that parenting responsibilities can make this hard. We know that the societal and systemic barriers mothers* face are more substantial for those facing particular discrimination; such Black and Brown writers, disabled and neurodivergent people, those experiencing complex disadvantage and LGBTQI+ writers. We are an anti-racist organisation and are striving to make this a safe, accessible space and inclusive space that actively accommodates our members and acts positively to challenge discrimination.

* Though we use the word ‘mothers’ we are committed to making this a safe and inclusive community for trans and non-binary parents. We will refer to our members as ‘writers’, ‘people’ and individuals as well as mothers and will continue to work on inclusivity in our language and beyond. We have a zero-tolerance policy on transphobic comments or behaviour in the group.